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20 Speakers
Around the World

January 20, 2022
13am — 11pm

The Globe Theater,
London, UK


Striving for the Present – Part A Directing & Writting: Oded Farber & Gilad Kahana Synopsis: Striving for the Present – Part A is an experimental film that combines a fictional character in a documentary setting. The film revolves around an old homeless man who has given up all normal...


The voyage

  The voyage – synopsis We each heard a version of Grandma Sonia’s death. She died in 1922 in Libau, Latvia; in 1929 in Copenhagen; in 1934 in Hamburg. Step by step, I discovered what really happened in Nazi Germany, and why, when everyone left for Palestine, Grandma Sonia wasn’t...



  An intimate portrait of director Norman Jewison and the making of “Fiddler on the Roof.” Synopsis A richly detailed examination of the nuts and bolts of moviemaking, this 50th anniversary celebration of Norman Jewison’s “Fiddler on the Roof,” narrated by Jeff Goldblum, shows us how the beloved musical made...


About us

We are proud to present our talented and dedicated team members who work tirelessly to bring the best Jewish films from around the world to our audience. Each member of our team brings a unique experience and a passion for Jewish film and culture, contributing to the success of our annual festival.

Dan Schlanger - IN MEMORIAM

President Semper Culturalia

Dana Schlanger

Project Coordinator

Felicia Waldman

Scientific Consultant

Arpad Harangozo

Financial consultant

Valentin Stan

Web Developer

Andreea Munteanu

Graphic Designer


The Jewish Film Festival is an annual event that celebrates Jewish culture and history through film. The festival presents a selection of movies and documentaries that reflect the diversity and complexity of the Jewish experience, from its history and cultural traditions to contemporary issues faced by the Jewish community. During the festival, audiences have the opportunity to discover captivating stories and interact with filmmakers and actors from around the world through Q&A discussions. The Jewish Film Festival is an important event for the Jewish community and an excellent occasion for all movie lovers to discover a rich culture and history.

The organizers of the Jewish Film Festival are usually NGOs and cultural associations dedicated to promoting Jewish culture and history through the art of cinema. Festival sponsors can be local or international companies, cultural organizations, government institutions, or individuals who support the cause of promoting Jewish culture. Depending on the country and city where the festival takes place, the organizers and sponsors may vary from year to year."

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