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Striving for the Present – Part A
Directing & Writting: Oded Farber & Gilad Kahana

Striving for the Present – Part A is an experimental film that combines a fictional character in a documentary setting.

The film revolves around an old homeless man who has given up all normal aspirations (Shelter, family, work) and spends his days wandering the streets endlessly.  The random encounters with real characters that stumble upon his way allow the viewer to observe reality with a fresh outlook that combines critique and compassion for the world we live in.




 Oded Farber

Oded edits for over 20 years. His work varies from commercials, music videos and digital content to full feature films, documentaries and TV series, and has been broadcasted across all Israeli media and won numerous international awards. With a Rhythmic though tender cutting edge style of storytelling, he manages to achieve a combination of sensitivity and look which results in a distinguished style that became his fingerprint.

Gilad Kahana

Gilad Kahana is a musician, artist, writer and actor born in Mexico to an Israeli Jewish family and based today in Tel Aviv. In 1992 together with Yair Kass, he started the musical band Girafot, and in 2008, the band went on tour in India, and filmed a documentary. He was in Mumbai with Girafot during the 2008 Mumbai attacks and was able to capture the events on camera. The documentary film was presented in 2009. That same year he published a solo album.

As artist, his artworks have been exhibited in solo and group.
He is the recipient of the 2015 Israel National Lottery Landau Prize for Arts and Sciences, and of the 2018 Author of the Year ACUM Award.

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