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Actorul și sălbaticii


Actorul și sălbaticii” is a Romanian film from 1975, directed by Manole Marcus, based on Titus Popovici’s script. The main roles are performed by Toma Caragiu, Mircea Albulescu, Margareta Pogonat, Ion Besoiu and Mircea Diaconu. The film was awarded two ACIN Awards in 1975. Set designer Virgil Moise also received the 1975 Moscow Festival Award for Set Design.
Toma Caragiu plays Costică Caratase, a character inspired by the personality of the great Romanian actor Constantin Tănase. The action takes place in the interwar period and focuses on the conflict between the actor and the Legionnaire Movement (“savages”), offended by the performances of the great artist who satirizes it. The film raises the question of the artist’s freedom of expression and the danger generated by his involvement in existing social problems in a dictatorial world.






Manole Marcus (b. January 8, 1928, Bucharest — d. October 12, 1994) was a Romanian film director of Jewish ethnicity.

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