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The voyage


The voyage – synopsis

We each heard a version of Grandma Sonia’s death.
She died in 1922 in Libau, Latvia; in 1929 in Copenhagen; in 1934 in Hamburg.
Step by step, I discovered what really happened in Nazi Germany, and why, when everyone left for Palestine, Grandma Sonia wasn’t with them.






Itamar Wexler-Biography

Born in Israel, Kibbutz Maagan-Michael in 1951, Itamar studied visual arts at Avni Institute for Art & Design and Art History at Tel Aviv University. Initiated, curated and designed exhibitions for Institutions at Israel Museum, Israeli Council of Culture and Art, “Massuah” Institute for the Study of the Holocaust, and many others. Until recently, a designer and visual consultant for the Cameri Theater of Tel Aviv. A founding member of the Institute of Israeli Drama. “The Voyage” is his first full length documentary.

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